Health Protocol

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes its guests to the IFSB 15th Summit and hopes that the participating members will be informed of the requirements of the procedures for obtaining the Saudi Arabian visitation visa.

IFSB will provide a letter to those wishing to attend the Summit in order to facilitate the application of the Saudi Arabian visa.

Please review all travel requirements required by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia with regard to preventive measures against the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) by visiting the following link:



Attention, Please note that travellers should have a PCR test valid for 72 hours before arriving at the Kingdom, and make sure to check the validation time of the test according to your destination.

Those coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are required to obtain the full doses of vaccines approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health. The approved vaccines inside the Kingdom are:

In the event of obtaining the full doses of vaccines approved by the World Health Organization, it is necessary to take a booster dose of the approved vaccines inside the Kingdom. WHO approved vaccines:

The registration of vaccine data and the health status of Summit participants through the Absher platform require the following:

  • Please take into account the conditions of quarantine, isolation and institutional exclusion and the groups excluded, in accordance with the regulations applied by the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia. For further information please click on the link.