The 15th Summit of the Islamic Financial Services Board in Jeddah

Islamic Transformation and Digital Transformation: Balancing Innovation and Resilience

15TH IFSB SUMMIT in Jeddah will be held under the title of "Islamic Finance and Digital Transformation: Balancing Innovation and Resilience" November 9-11, 2021. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Summit gains its importance from the participation of influential leaders in the Islamic financial services industry. The Islamic Financial Services Board actively contributes to the promotion of awareness of and supervision of issues that have an impact on the organization of the Islamic financial services industry through conferences, symposiums, workshops, training courses, meetings and international dialogues in many countries.

The Summit aims to discuss the political implications of rapid digital transformation and stabilization of Islamic finance services, as well as several topics that come in the introduction of digital transformation in Islamic financial services, crypto-assets and their implications for Islamic finance, Islamic financial technology and financial services, and to create synergies between Islamic digital finance and sustainability, as well as the effective use of regulatory and supervisory technology activities by regulators.